genetics and homosexuality

Carrie Levow clevow at haverford.edu
Tue Dec 17 18:23:24 EST 1996

Hey all-

I am writing a paper for a class-  Human Genetics, Ethics, and Public
Policy.  I am writing about homosxuality and genetics.  Specifically,
what would happen if a gene or genes, or some other biological reason
were found as a cause of homosexuality.  I am looking for opinions on
the subject- if you have any, email me or post!

A little bio- it is likely that homosexuality is about 50% nature and
50% nurture.  So I am not saying that a gene that absolutley 100%
causes homosexuality is going to be found.  But this issue can be
addressed too.

If you respond, please give me some background info about yourself, if
you are comfortable doing so.  -Age, sexual orientation, gender, name.
And please tell me if you don't wan't me to quote you in my paper-
it's not going to be published or anything.  It's just a little
research paper for school.

Thanks a lot!

clevow at haverford.edu

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