Karlene's Question

David Goble goble at kigateway.eastend.com.au
Wed Dec 18 01:47:01 EST 1996

>I am seeking information as to the possible cause/condition of my
>3-year old niece.  She has vaginal atresia, a protruding urethra and
>has experienced constipation since infancy.  It has been suggested that
>a chromosome study should be done.  Does anyone have any information
>that might be helpful?
Hi Karlene;

	A simple gene blot screening test will indicate any gene faults in the
set of any chromosomes.

	Any major laboratory or general major hospital can arrange or carry
out this test. Such a test in Austrlia will take a number of weeks to
get the full results, and our cost is between $A100 to $A150 for this


Thanks from :
                        Dr Brian Goble PhD
                  goble at kigateway.eastend.com.au
           American Beach Kangaroo Island South Australia

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