A genetics question I still don't understand

Erik de Leede eleede at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 29 21:24:42 EST 1996

 There is a science quiz in Holland every year in wich you can partake
by awnsering the questions and sending them in.
The awnsers are allready known but the explanations were at best sketchy
and one question (about genetics) didn't sound right.

I'll give you the question, the possible awnsers and the reason I wasn't
happy with the awnsers.

A man dies, he's got a daughter and a nephew, the son of his brother.
Because of the inheritance an alleged son drops by, claiming to be the
son of the
man by a misstress.
Whom should they check besides the alleged son.
a) the mistress
b) the nephew
c) the daughter

I thought the nephew because of the y-chromosome wich have to be
A friend of mine pointed out that if the real father wasn't the man who
died but
some far family member by male line with the same father or grandfather
greatgrandfather et cetera they also would have the same y-chromosome
Therefor he chose the daughter.
The quiz said that it would be the nephew but I see no faults in the
remark of my friend Hans.
Hope I'll hear from you,

   * jeroen56 at worldaccess.nl
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