Mouse Chromosome Paints??? DO they exits?

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Sun Feb 4 20:44:37 EST 1996

In <4euns3$7bl at sifon.cc.mcgill.ca> Graham Dellaire
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>Doses anyone out there have chromosome specific coatasomes (chromosome
paints) for the mouse
>Or know of a reference for them....
>>I have been trying to find some in the literature and I am having a
hard time.
>Thanks in advance
>Graham Dellaire
>>dellaire at odyssee.net
Could you make your own?  Make chromosomes from mice, and microdissect
the one of interest (or have someone do it).  Then, make a probe using
PCR and biotin-dUTP.

See Genomics 6:243-251. 1990.  
If it can be done with human chromosomes (whole chromosomes or
chromosome regions), it can certainly be done with mouse chromosomes.

University of Miami

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