Klinefelter Syndrome ?

Hans Vosgezang foxsong at worldcity.nl
Mon Feb 26 05:21:09 EST 1996

Hello All!
Here is a couple of questions about the Klinefelter syndrome. I am
myself are a Klinefelter and a member of the Klinefelter club of
Holland. We know allready a lot about these chromosome-deviation but
we don’t know how it works somewhere else, so...

1	What _is_ the Klinefelter Syndrome?

2a	What does the Klinefelter Syndrome mean to the man with this
2b	What does it mean to his parents?
2c	What does it mean to his partner?
2d	What does it mean to his family?

3a	What kind of medication is prescribed to treat the side-effect
of the Klinefelter syndrome?
	Meaning: Not an enlisted name, but what the medicine contains and how
it is administrated?
3b 	Why is a specific medicine prescribed to 	you, 
								your Klinefelter-son, 
								your Klinefelter-partner?

4a	Does the Klinefelter syndrome have certain characteristics?
4b	Does the Klinefelter syndrome have psychological
4c	Does the Klinefelter syndrome have psycho-social
4d	What can be done about these psychological and psycho-social

5	Does the Klinefelter syndrome have it’s limitations?

6	Are there aspects of the Klinefelter syndrome you would  like
to talk about?

7a	What scientific studies/resources are there, concerning the
Klinefelter syndrome?
7b	Are scientists left with unanswered questions after completing
their Klinefelter syndrome-studies?

Please, if you answer a question... would you answer by number?

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