Chromosome Counts

James Holman J.Holman at botany.uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 4 18:38:59 EST 1996

Hi everyone,
I currently trying to carry out chromosome counts on Senna (small shrub) 
but have encountered problems.  I am doing root tip squashes.  One 
problem is that the roots are very fibrous and thin thus causing it to be 
difficult to macerate.
The method I have employed entails
1.  Put root tip in colchicine for 3 hrs.
2.  Put in acetic alcohol for 24 hrs to fix.
3.  Add drop of actic acid and macerate.  Subject to low heat (stew).
4.  Add drop of aceto orcin and further macerate. Subject to low heat    
5.  Blot off aceto orcin and replace with actic acid.
6.  Squash the root tip under the coverslip.

This has presently yeilded no results.  I am considering trying young 
leaf material.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions (ie ideas, new methods.) that 
may aid in my search for these chromosomes.

Thanks for your help 
James Holman.

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