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March 20 - April 2, 1996
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Course Application Deadline: January 15, 1996

Ellson Y. Chen, Perkin Elmer Corporation
Richard Gibbs, Baylor College of Medicine
W. Richard McCombie, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Richard K. Wilson,  Washington University

Recent advances in the automation of DNA sequencing have opened new
possibilities for the analysis of complex genomes at the DNA sequence level.
This two week course will provide intensive training in this rapidly
evolving field.  The course will emphasize techniques and strategies for
using automated sequences to sequence large, contiguous genomic regions.
Students will carry out all of the steps in the sequencing process from
preparing cosmid DNA to computer analysis of the finished sequence.  Topics
will include subclone library generation, large-scale template purification,
sequencing reactions, gel analysis on automated sequencers, sequence
assembly, gap filling and conflict resolution, Students will work in groups
to sequence a large region of DNA.  In the last year's course a 45kb cosmid
was sequenced (GenBank) accession #U23729).  Through this process they will
be trained in crucial project and data management techniques.  A series of
lecturers will discuss their applications of these techniques as well as
alternate strategies for high speed automated DNA sequencing.

Last year's speakers included: C.T. Caskey,  A. Dusterhoft, T. Marr, D.
Smith, R. Smith, F. W. Studier, B. Roe, R. Weiss, and J.D. Watson.

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