Chromosome Counts

Marianne Oprisko mjo1354 at acs.tamu.edu
Fri Jan 5 16:55:32 EST 1996

James Holman wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I currently trying to carry out chromosome counts on Senna(small shrub)
> but have encountered problems.  I am doing root tip squashes.  One
> problem is that the roots are very fibrous and thin thus causing it to be difficult to macerate.


I did this for my dissertation (nearly finished) on warmseason grass
fiberous roots.  Those root tips are tricky. are you sure you are only
squashing the meristematic region. A good rule of thumb is from the 
upper edge of the root cap and 2-3 mm toward the stem.  Try not to 
macerate too much since the meristematic cells are only a small ring 
within this disk.  Also a group working with cotton here at Texas A&M are 
using a combination of cellulase and pectinase. You might want to give 
them a call--that's Stelle's lab thru the Dept. of Soil&Crop Sci.

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