traslation chromosome 1 and chromosome 2

Cicinelli cicinell at ba.dada.it
Tue Jan 9 15:04:03 EST 1996

My daughter has the following problem, as specified by Geneticist Doctor 
of S. Giovanni Rotondo Hospital in Italy.


The child has performed chromosomal analysis that has underlined an 
anomaly charac-
terized from a traslation apparently balanced between a  chromosome 1  
and a chromo
some 2. The chromosomal analysis of the parents has resulted  normal and 
for such I 
motivate the present anomaly in daughter is insurgent "ex novo" for an 
error during 
the gametogenesis of one of the parents.Usually the traslation balance, 
kind if you 
inherit from a parent, they don't involve problems of mental delay.  The 
"ex novo" they are accompanied to mental  delay in the 5%  of the 
stricken subjects,
with an extremely varying and unpredictable gravity.  
In conclusion, also if the problems neurologist of Ilaria could be 
brought back to a 
genetic cause, the certainty of this hypothesis is not currently 


My question is this one: <<Currently could the genetic ascertain breakup 
of geniuses 
in the traslation  there does it have stayed?>>

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