A Plant Chromosome Mailing List

Shigeki "LARGE" NAKAYAMA shignak at abr.affrc.go.jp
Mon Jan 8 18:47:57 EST 1996

Dear Plant Chromosomers:

A Plant Chromosome Mailing List will be created for 
plant chromosome scientists using an e-mail.

A mailing list is a single e-mail address for a set of users. 
By using a mailing list, users can send a message to everyone
on that list by sending it to a single e-mail address.

Only English is available for this mailing list.

Please join this mailing list. When you will join in and/or 
introduce member(s) to this mailing list, please mail to
shignak at abr.affrc.go.jp

I am looking forward to your reply.
Thank you very much.

Shigeki Nakayama

!(^_^)!|(-_^)||(-_-)|m(_ _)m<(   )>w( - )w|(-_-)||(^_-)|!(^_^)!
                                               Shigeki Nakayama
                                           NIAR, Tsukuba, Japan
                                     shignak at ss.abr.affrc.go.jp
!(^_^)!|(^_-)||(-_-)|w( - )w<(   )>m(_ _)m|(-_-)||(-_^)|!(^_^)!

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