Mapping to mouse chromosomes

Leo Schalkwyk schalkwy at
Fri Jan 26 16:20:38 EST 1996

There aren't the same hybrid resources as in the human, but there is a 
panel (not monochromosomal) of mouse/ hamster hybrids made by Y. Boyd
and distributed by the HGMP resource center which can be used for chromo-
some assignments.  See mapping
There is also a partial set of monochromosome 
hybrids prepared in P. Avner's lab.

Besharse Lab3 (beslab3 at wrote:
: What is the fastest and/or easiest way to map a cDNA sequence to a mouse 
: chromosome?  Are hybridoma southerns or DNA available from a company or 
: from individual laboratories?  Please respond to the net.  Thanks, David 
: Osterbur

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