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Elena V. Zagariya amz717 at lulu.acns.nwu.edu
Fri Jan 26 11:59:12 EST 1996

                    C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E
Name:				Elena V. Zagariya
					E. mail:  amz717 at nwu.edu

Visa Status:			J-2 visa with US Job permit till 1997
					Green Card  - expecting in March 1996
Date/place of birth:		April 6, 1969, Kiev, Ukraine

Marital status:			Married:
					Spouse - Alexander M. Zagariya, Ph.D.,
					Daughter Olga (born Jan. 29, 1991)

Residence:			374 Inland Drive, #2B,
					Wheeling, Illinois 60090, USA
					Phone/FAX: (708) 520-0948
Education and Positions:

	      1995		Pass Exams for attending Graduate School
				in Biology
	1993 - 1994	Research Technician,
				Molecular Geriatrics Corp.,
				101 Waukegan Road, Suite #970,
				Lake Bluff, IL 60044, USA	     
	     1994		B. Sc. degree in Biology,
				Department of General and Molecular 					Genetics, Kiev University,
				(Kiev, Ukraine) 
				GRE exam (Chicago, Illinois)
	     1993		TOEFFL exam (Birmingham, Alabama)
	1990-1992	Research  assistant and technician, 
				Ukraine National Hospital #11, 
				Ukraine Health Program, 
				Kiev, Ukraine
	1986-1990 	B. Sc. degree in Economics, 
				Kiev National Institute of Economy,
				(Kiev, Ukraine)
	1986-1988	Kiev School of Nursing (Kiev, Ukraine)
				Certificate (Summa Cum Laude)

Laboratory skills:

	-Mammalian Cell Culture,
	-Immunochemical staining,
	-Immunofluorescent microscopy,
	-Differentiation of Human Neuroblastoma Cells,
	-DNA isolation,
	-Gel electrophoresis,
	-Northern electroblotting,
	-Blood analysis (hematocrit),
	-solution and growth media preparation,
	-Basic molecular biology techniques

Computer skills:

	-Macintosh, IBM AT(PC) and DOS operating systems
	-Windows 95 (and Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.22)
	-All facets of the Internet (i.e. Gopher, Network, Usenet, E. mail)
	-Microsoft Word 5.1 and 6.0
	-Drawing programs - Aldus superpaint and Cricket graph.


	1990 - Kiev University young scientists competition, 2 prize
	1991 - Kiev Hospital #11 young scientists competition

Presentations and publications:

1.	National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, 	
October 21-26, 1995 at the Moscone Center and Marriott Hotel in San 	
Francisco, California
2.	E. Zagariya, G. Berdyshev. Frequency of human longevity in the 	
Ukraine. Cytology and Genetics, V.23,  N4,  p.29-32, 1990
3.	Participation in the International Symposium: Plant 	Biotechnology 
and Genetic 	Engineering, October 3-6, 1994, 	Kiev, Ukraine
4.	S. Khrapunov,  E. Zagariya, A. Dragan, A. Sivolob, and A. Zagariya 
	Mechanisms of stabilizing nucleosome structure. Study of 
	dissociation of histone octamer from DNA. In preparation. 1996
5.	Differentiation of neurites growth during Alzheimer Disease.
	The American Society for Cell Biology, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,
	December 11-15, 1993
6.	Participation in the Symposia for Cancer Biology, May 14-17, 1990, 
	Kiev, Ukraine


1.	Karim Mehrazar, Ph.D.,
	Assistant Professor,
	Clinical Coordinator,
	Indiana University, Northwest,
	Clinical Laboratory Science Program,
	3400 Broadway,
	Gary, Indiana 46408-1197
	Tel.: (219) 980-6923
	FAX: (219) 980-6649

2.	Leonid A. Sitailo, Ph.D.,
	Research Associate,
	Department of Medicine,
	Loyola University, Chicago,
	Bldg. 54, Room 101,
	2160 South First Avenue,
	Maywood, IL 60153,
	Tel.:  (708) 343-7200, ext. 5915
	FAX.:  (708) 216-2792

3.	Patrizia LoPresti, MD,
	Department of Pediatrics, MC 4068,
	5841 South Maryland Avenue,
	University of Chicago, WCHC - 486,
	Chicago, Illinois 60637
	Tel.:  (312) 702-6441
	FAX:  (312) 702-9234

4.	Lester I. Binder, Ph.D., Professor,
	Department of Molecular, Structural and Cellular Biology,
	Northwestern University, School of Medicine,
	Evanston, IL 60208
	Tel.:  (312) 503-0823
	FAX  (312) 503-7912

5. 	Gennady D. Berdyshev, M.D., Ph.D.,
	Professor, Chair, 
	Department of General and Molecular Genetics,
	Kiev University,
	Dobrokhotova Street 4, Room 70,
	Kiev - 252142, Ukraine
	Tel.:  9011-7044-444-0761

6.	Korneev Alexander, M.D., Ph.D.,
	Senior Research Scientist,
	ERGO Science Corporation,
	100 First Avenue,
	Charleston, MA 02129
	Tel.:  (617) 241-8900
	FAX : (617) 241-8822

7.	Tamara Diachkovskaya, Ph.D.,
	Senior Research Associate,
	Kiev University,
	Dobrokhotova Street 4, Room 70,
	Kiev - 252142, Ukraine

If I sound right for you, I am best reached by 
							E. mail:    amz717 at nwu.edu

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