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Oh, I hope I am doing this right!  Anyway, you want a posting about
genetic disorders?  My son is 20 months old and has Opitz-G Syndrome,
which is pretty rare from what I was told.  Opitz-G is also sometimes
called Midline Defects because everything affected is in the midline.  He
was born with Hypertelorism (Telecanthus), Cleft Lip, a cleft in his gum
line (part was missing), a cleft in his larynx, and Hypospadius, and we
believe Hypotonia even though that has not been offically diagnosed.  I
have had a problem finding anyone on the net who has any info with this.
I actually have done quite a bit of reasearch into Opitz-G Syndrome, but
have never met anyone else who has it, and would be interested in talking
to anyone who has this in thier family, or would like to talk about this.
Also if anyone has any suggestions about places to look on the net for
newsgroups or whatever related to birth defects or syndromes, please email
and tell me.  Thank you!

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