Something living on colchicine!

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Fri Jul 19 00:32:54 EST 1996

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Chromosome Terror <abrdlher at> wrote:

:> I just took a flask of colchicine stock solution (0.1M, or about 4%) that 
:> had been kept at 4 degrees for about a year... and I found "something" 
:> living on the bottom!
:> Colchicine is a strong mutagen. The concentration used to arrest cellular 
:> development at metaphase is a hundred times lower than that in the flask.
:> I'm amazed some fungi can grow in those conditions!

There are colchicine and colcemide resistant strains of yeast around, the
same might be true for other fungi (some lysine mutants in tubulin for
example). To share a horror story - something is growing at the bottom of
John's 1% cycloheximide in the cold room! Looks like them filamentous
fungi only more sinister... Check in the cold room if you don't see me for
few days. Me wife's phone number is above the table.

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