Looking for Trisomy 1 info

Didier Georgieff dgieff at mail.sdv.fr
Sun Mar 3 16:43:17 EST 1996


I'm involved in research for trisomy 1 (q 32 q ter) for completing a
case study.

I looked a www pages via search engine, but found nothing.
So i try usenet.

I'm particulary interested in biography, article reference ans
especially in  case study.
If any physician had such patient, i greatly appreciate any info on
the age, the patology, and any special thing with that trisomy.

If you are interested in such case, i can (when the article will be
over) send clinical observations about the case we are studing.

PS : I'm french so .... don't pay attention to that special kind of
english :-)
Didier Georgieff -/-  dgieff at mail.sdv.fr  -/-  DDAF du Bas-Rhin, France

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