Caltech: lab assistants and a bioinformatician

Dr. Ung-Jin Kim ung at
Mon Mar 11 13:46:06 EST 1996

Genome Research Laboratory at Caltech: Please see our WEB page,
Job 1: We are looking for a few lab assistants
Caltech Genome Resaerch Laboratory is looking for qualified
full time technicians with experiences in laboratory works 
involving recombinant DNA procedures. Works will require 
skills in colony hybridization, PCR screening of genomic 
libraries, DNA preparation, restriction fingerprint analysis, 
and more.
Positions are open immediately. College or higher degrees in
Biological sciences or other sciences required. Interested 
parties should send cv to Dr. Ung-Jin Kim.
Electronic submissions are welcome.
Job 2: We are looking for a bioinformatician
Caltech Genome Research Laboratory is looking for a full time
informatician to manage and analyze laboratory data, and help 
operate robotic workstations. Knowledge and experieince in 
handling biological information, especially in the analysis 
and management of physcal mapping and DNA sequence data is 
essential. We also expect the person to be familiar with Unix 
server/workstations and PC/MacIntosh platforms. 
Interested parties should send CV to Dr. Ung-Jin Kim. 
Electronic submissions are welcome.
We will notify the applicants if an interview is necessary soon
after reviewing their applications.

Ung-Jin Kim, Ph.D.
147-75, Division of Biology,
Caltech, Pasadena,
CA 91125
ung at
(818)395-4901 (office)
(818)395-4154 (lab)
(818)796-7066 (fax)

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