methylation of DNA in mice

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Sat Mar 16 09:08:21 EST 1996

Expensive??????   Relative to what???  I've been using HpaII and MspI for 
years and doing similar experiments.

I suspect it is one of the cheaper pairs.  Certainly it is more expensive 
than things like BamHI or EcoRI .... but not much .... compare it to the 
price of Taq polymerase or some of the other stranger restriction enzymes.

And considering that almost everyone using these two enzymes for 
methylation studies, it probably would be unwise to alter from this.

Cris Martin

On 15 Mar 1996 mrtour at wrote:

> I want to examine DNA methylation differences in two types of mice....i
> plan to do this by utilizing 2 restriction enzymes which are isoschizomers
> (recognize the same cut site) but one is sensitive to methylation at the
> site and the other isn't...
> one pair of which i am absolute sure of is MspI and HpaII...but these are
> expensive....would anyone know of another pair which would do the same
> thing but perhaps be cheaper?
> thank you for your help.
> please post here or to mrtour at
> michelle
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> db
> or Michelle

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