a biology students wants your help

Wild Dude wild at epix.net
Sun Mar 17 19:35:23 EST 1996

Dear scientists,
	I'm a 16 year old high school biology student. In class, we are
studying genetics, and your project came up in discussion. I admire
your work, and wish you well in it. My teacher said, jokingly, that
she'd give an "A" to anyone who could put together a Punnett Square
for a human being, showing all chromosomes and possible crosses. I
know that creating a Punnett Square of this size would be impossible
to do with a pencil and paper, but I thought that there might be a way
to do it with a computer. I'd really like to do this, just to see what
my teacher says about it. Please respond to me by email at
WILD at EPIX.NET . Thank you VERY much for your valuable time.

Brian Snyder
wild at epix.net

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