Is there anyone who has two translocation chromosomes from #21 & #22?

pallderdice at pallderdice at
Tue Mar 19 19:37:14 EST 1996

I know a mother and daughter who are physically and mentally normal
and each has two translocation chromosomes.  
One includes the long arm of chromosome 21 and the long arm of chromosome 
The second is formed by the short arm of chromosome 21 and the short arm
of chromosome 22.
I am writing the karytoype: 46,XX,-21,-22,+t(21q22q),+t(21p22p).
The mother had a normal daughter, and then repeated apontaneous abortions.
The daughter had a spontaneous abortion, with a karyotype like the mothers'
.Her next pregnancy was a Down syndrome (trisomy 21).
The chromosomes for the Down syndrome were the same as the mothers' plus
another chromosome 21.

The daughter would like to correspond with someone else who has the
same balanced chromosome rearrangement as her own.
Specifically, she would like to hear that this unknown person, has had
some normal liveborn infants.

Thank you, Penny

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