(fwd) Botany of Skunk/Northern-Lights/Kush cross

Alien Anthropologist an307269 at anon.penet.fi
Tue Mar 26 13:57:40 EST 1996

People with a moral problem with a plant, please read no further (get an
education while you're at it)

 Last year AFOAF had the most amazing hybrid (what they say was a
 Northern Lights x Skunk hybrid. Unfortunately his/her last clone died, but
 not before s/he had a chance to cross with a Kush male. My questions
 stemming (no punn intended) purely from a curiosity standpoint, and a
 haphazard genetic education are as follows:
 1) Why did the plant seem to remain with only 3 blades per leaf, long
 after reverting from flowering cycle - would it ever have changed back to 5?

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