Q: Choromosome 9 length ? (more info)

mtg mtg at neste.com
Thu Oct 3 07:13:27 EST 1996

I wrote earlier:
>Case: After amniocentesis (during the 16th week of pregnancy)
>and chromosome mapping one "branch" (don't know which) of
>chromosome number 9 was found to be longer than the other one
>next to it. Could someone please tell me in layman's terms is
>there usually an excess of genes or are genes somehow "streched"
>in order the branch to be longer ?
>How common is this ?
>If one of the parents has the similar deflection and if he/she
>is diagnosed not to have any abnormalities what is the overall
>probability that the deflection causes abnormalities to the fetus ?
>Is there an estimate whether this deflection will affect the
>fetus/child if none of the parents has a longer branch in
>chromosome 9 ? Should this longer branch be DNA-mapped(?) as well ?

I got some more info: The "longer" branch is on the p-side, where
there seems to be a tiny extension (g-stripe(?)) near 9p13 (or
9p1.3  , can't understand the terminology).

Thanks again

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