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Magdalena Cano Plewinska mplewinska at
Tue Oct 15 21:56:30 EST 1996

h2lau at ("Benny Lau - Aerospace Engineering!!") wrote:

>Hello, I just have a question on Artificial insemination.  I have read 
>somewhere that a father can r  canr  inpregnate his daughter through 
>AI to produceI to produce 
>genetically compatible fetal material to be inject to a family member 
>whom might have somekind of genetic disorder.  I was wondering when is 
>this genetic material is extracted? How is it extracted?  Obviously the 
>fetus is not allow to develop, so when is the fetus terminated?
I am not aware of anyone doing this (overtly). I think that the issue
of conceiving a child for the sole purpose of terminating the
pregnancy to harvest the tissue raises all sorts of ethical questions.
I, for one, find the idea repugnant and I don't think I would go along
with any such scheme. I am not against abortion or the use of fetal
tissue per se but I am against the use of pregnancy for "tissue

   - Magdalena M. Plewinska, MD
     University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA

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