Eukaryotic mRNA Intron/Exon Boundary Consensus Sequences?

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 >          Can anyone point me to a good reference?
 >  All I know is that functional introns usually begin with GT 
 >  and end with AG.  Are there known exceptions?  How rare are 
 >  they?  In short, given a random intron, what is the probability 
 >  distribution for the composition of its first and last two 
 >  base pairs? 

Try the following as a starting point. Use ENTREZ to look them up and find
related papers. There are probably more up-to-date references available.

Jackson, I.J. (1991) A reappraisal of non-consensus mRNA splice sites.
Nucleic Acids Research 19, 3795-3798. 

Mount, S.M. (1982) A catalogue of splice junction sequences. Nucleic Acids
Research 10, 459-472. 

Ohshima, Y. & Gotoh, Y. (1987) Signals for the selection of a splice site
in pre-mRNA: Computer anaysis of splice junction sequences and like
sequences. Journal of Molecular Biology 195, 247-259. 

Shapiro, M.B. & Senapathy, P. (1987) RNA splice junctions of different
classes of eukaryotes: Sequence statistics and functional implications in
gene expression. Nucleic Acids Research 15, 7155-7174. 

 >  Thanks,  Jared
 >  EXTRA BONUS QUESTION:  Does this probability distribution 
 >  depend on the species?


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