PCR primers

Tue Apr 8 19:47:02 EST 1997

Would not the best way of ensuring or controlling for amplification from genomic 
DNA be to use primers to the introns?  Or perhaps PCR across a small intron so you 
can see a difference in size in the PCR fragments of cDNA and genomic.

Best wishes, Martin Slade
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>Hi there,
>  I've got a question here, and wish someone can help me....
>When you design PCR primers to amplify from the mRNA, you need to consider
>some factors like GC content, Tm, internal 2ndary structure, 3'-end
>complimentarity, etc.. What other factors you need to consider if you are
>designing primers to amplify from the gene and not the mRNA??
>  Also if you want yuor primer to work only on cDNA, and want to detect
>whether there's any contaminate from the genomic DNA, how can you achieve
>this? (Southern blotting??)
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