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New invention allows humans to live forever

David Mitchell mitchell at jersey.net
Wed Aug 6 16:46:17 EST 1997

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> > New Invention Allows Humans to Live Forever
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> I'll buy one just as soon as this claim is validated by example.
> Wait, don't tell me, Dick Clark has one!

why waste time & money... here i'll give it to you for free...
a scientificaly plausible way of doing it by looking at two recent
1. Sickle Cell Anemia (a ginetic disorder that mishapes blood cells) was
recently cured (aprox. 9 months ago) by creating a ginetic retro-virus that
would change the ginetic makeup of the recipient, so that any new bone
marrow created would only produces healthy blood cells.
2. When sheep were cloned we came much closer to isolating the gene for

Now putting these together you can see that when you injure yourself you
can regrow a limb or a vital organ, (sure you might feel strange with a
baby arm at first but if it is a choice of an infant arm that will one day
grow into an adult arm or none at all)... and more interesting, if you are
ever injured or sick or grow very old, you can just rediferentiate your
entire body.  You could become young and healthy again.  You could
effectively live forever with todays technologies.

now let me point out the shortcomings of this approach:
1. When you rediferentiate yourself you will also need to rediferentiate
your central nervous system & brain, so what will happen to the real you?
will you still be yourself, even if you have no memories?
2. This will efectively create a large group of fully grown infants that
need to be taken care of until they can be retaught everything they need to
know to fit back into society (eg. potty training...)
3. The catholic church will never allow it & they have more money than,
ahem... god.

There are a lot of other ramifications to this line of thought, me
personaly I wouldn't mind living for a couple of hundred years (which
should be the life expectancy of my brain), after that I have no fear of
death, it is a natural part of life, which I accepted long before I figured
out the secret to immortality.

I would also like to invite everyone to look at my web site where we can
discuss other ideas such as "search for intelligence" and "1000 year life
ship" and also some serious ideas such as a cure for earthquakes & my
collection of addages.  Please feel free to e-mail me or visit me at the
addresses below.
David Mitchell
mitchell at jersey.net

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