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plant cloning wheel w/testtubes ?

Irving Baker irvingb at sonic.net
Tue Aug 5 23:00:23 EST 1997

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:29:13 -0400, Danny Oakes <afn50752 at afn.org>

>First, let me apologize for my cross-posting.  I don't usually do
>this; but, I really would like info on the following:
>Did anyone else see this and can any of you tell me where to get
>more info on the following ?
>Several years ago, I saw a TV show news or documentary that showed
>some group of people creating many identical plants from one plant.
>From the looks of the room, I assume that this was all taking place
>in a university environment or a very small company startup operation.
>They took a little tiny sliver(?) of the parent plant.  They placed
>the sliver in a test tube with a fairly clear liquid that filled the
>tube to around half full and I believe they placed a stopper in the
>top of the tube.
>The tubes were then inserted into holes in a round circular piece of 
>plywood(?)  disk, about 1/2 inch thick and about 36 to 48 inches in
>diameter.  This disk was rotating at a very slow speed, about one
>revolution per minute.  The plane of the rotating disk was angled up
>from a horizontal plane, at an angle of approximately 60 to maybe 75
>I also assume there was some grow lights involved or maybe the assembly
>was placed outside for light source energy.
>The plant sliver gradually developed roots in the liquid medium while
>on the rotating disk.  The program implied and showed that each of
>small beginning plants were about 3 inches long from root tip to plant
>top.  I'm not quite sure how they maintained the point that I would
>call (due to my plant ignorance) the "ground level" or maybe "trunk/root
>boundary" of the plant.
>I would like to find out more about the entire process.  I would especially
>like to find out what the clear liquid was, in the test tube. 
>Can anyone help ???  Please e-mail me directly or call me if you are local.
>If you need any engineering-type questions answered, please feel free to
>ask.  I am currently un-employed ad have plenty of time on my hands due
>mainly to age descrimination (53yo), arthritis and diabetes.  I am trying
>to find something to do with my time.
>I also have another idea about how to grow minature plants of any type of
>plants using a computer controlled green house using my own software.  If
>anyone local to me has a desire to get involved with this idea, I think we
>could make a lot of money.  This paragraph has nothing to do with the
>request for information asked for above. 
>Thanks in advance.
>Danny Oakes
>licensed professional engineer in the state of Florida
>Gainesville, Florida
>(352) 495-3371 day or night
>I used to supply the industry with the agar they used as a medium. You will need both temperature control as well as light control but if you try a search for plant tissue culture you probably will get more info than you can use. Also your local university extension can help.  Good luck.

Irv B

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