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Sun Feb 16 10:40:55 EST 1997

To the group

I am analysing point mutation dihydroreductase gene of P. Falciparum. 
This gene encodes for the protein target of Pyrimethamine, the drug used 
against this parasites. It is known that point mutation are linked the 
decrease of Pyr effectiveness on isolates. Mainly, there are 3 point 
mutations: one prerequisite, at codon 108 two others occurring 
independently or together, always with the mutation at codon 108. My 
question is: Can we assess the order in with the others mutations appear, 
based on their frequencies? If yes, which test to use and the related 
	My regards to all.

Dr. Alexis Nzila: Wellcome at (Specify, message for 
Alexis Nzila).

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