Cytochrome C & Lambda Repressor DNA sequences

SHinrichs9 shinrichs9 at aol.com
Wed Jul 2 08:16:10 EST 1997

I am interested in comparing certain DNA sequences in order to investigate
ancestral relationships. Thus, I am requesting DNA sequences from informed
people who might be able to provide references. If one can I would
appreciate them sending them to me at Shinrichs9 at aol.com. Thanks.

I am most interested in the human and chimpanzee DNA sequences for the
Cytochrome C protein. Also, I am interested in the human and chimpanzee
DNA sequences for the lambda repressor.

In addition, as a second priority I am interested in the DNA sequences for
the following species for the above mentioned molecules.

Type	Species
Mammals	Man
Mammals	Rhesus monkey
Mammals	Horse
Mammals	Donkey
Mammals	Cow, Pig, Sheep
Mammals	Dog
Mammals	Rabbit
Mammals	Cal. Grey Whale
Mammals	Great gray kangaroo
Vert.	Chicken, turkey
Vert.	Pigeon
Vert.	Pekin duck
Vert.	Snapping turtle
Vert.	Rattlesnack
Vert.	Bullfrog
Vert.	Tuna
Vert.	Dogfish
Insects	Samia cynthia (a moth)
Insects	Tobacco hornworm moth
Insects	Screworm fly
Insects	Drosphila (fruit fly)
Insects	Baker's yeast
Insects	Candida krusei (a yeast)
Insects	Neurospara crassa (a mold)
Higher plants	Wheat germ
Higher plants	Buckwheat seed
Higher plants	Sunflower seed
Higher plants	Mung bean
Higher plants	Cauliflower
Higher plants	Pumpkin
Higher plants	Sesame seed
Higher plants	Castor bean
Higher plants	Cottonseed
Higher plants	Abutilon seed

SHinrichs9 at aol.com
Please email me if you post so I am aware, thank-you

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