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Christian Barrett <cbarrett at> 
:In the Nov. 15, 1996 issue of SCIENCE, Polymeropoulos et al.
:have mapped the gene for Parkinson's disease to chromosome 4.
:In particular, "between markers D4S2361 and D4S421 at a
:recombination distance of 0.00 cM from marker D4S1647".
:I have only been able to locate marker D4S421.  The other
:two don't seem to exist anywhere. I've tried Unigene,
:Genethon, and most of the other mapping sites on the web
:(like Sanger, Whitehead/MIT, Wellcome Trust -- even though
:they're not necessarily involved with Chromosome 4).
:Could somebody explain why all markers would not be available,
:some false assumptions I've made in expecting to find them,
:or point to a site that I can locate them?


D4S2361 and D4S1647 are CHLC genetic markers:

D4S2361=CHLC.ATA2A03.P8247 and his rh id is RH28026

D4S1647=CHLC.GATA2F11.P6975, RH5972, RH28024, STS15576 and was rh mapped
on both GB4 and G3 panels:

from the Stanford data release:

0000011 G09195  D4S1647         CHLC.GATA2F11

from EBI:

SC   Genebridge4 2
     0100001101 0000000110 0101010011 0100000100 1002010000 1000001000 
     0010011000 0001100000 0012100201 211

i hope this helps


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