DNA content and homogeneity

ruddy.ro ruddy.ro at infonie.be
Thu Dec 17 04:58:58 EST 1998

Is really DNA exctly the same in an entire organism (comparing what is
comparable : DNA of the same kind of organelles) ?  It seems that at least
for mitochondria, it can not be the case!

What about plastid DNA ? For example, cpDNA content some repeats. So, is it
really so stably organized that what people claims ?
What about DNA of proplastids, leucoplasts, amyloplasts, chloroplasts ...?
Is it the same ? Does it change along plastids differentiation/rediff.

What about even nuclear DNA, especially for a very large and very aged
(giant Sequoia for example): is it exactly the same in every cell,
considering young (or "old juvenile") as well as old trunk cells (even dead
if could still content some DNA) from the tip of the deepest rootlet to the
shoot apex ?

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