help!! (sequence editing)

jie zhang jiezhang at
Sun Dec 20 11:49:57 EST 1998

Hi, I am working on a candidate gene for an autoimmune disease. Since I am
new in this field, one question always bothers me during sequence editing.
To compare the polymorphism of the gene among different strains of mice,
we usually sequence 3 or more colonies of one segment at about 700bp (DNA
or mRNA) in one strain. If 5 or more sequences agree to one nucleotide
(for example 'A') at one position in one strain of mouse,  only one
sequence shows different nucleotide ('T', for example, but there is a
signal of 'A' right below the 'T') at this position.  My question is if I
have to change the one sequence to agree other 5 sequences including it's
complement sequence, or just leave it intact to keep the original data?

Appreciate any suggestion!!              

Jay (Jie) Zhang
Vet. Pathobiology
University of Illinois
2001 S. Lincoln
Urbana, IL 61801

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