ANNOUNCE: New Arabidopsis SSLPs

Eugen Buehler buehler at
Fri Jan 23 13:53:54 EST 1998

The ATGC has mapped 15 new SSLPs to chromosomes 1 and 3 of
Arabidopsis. The majority of these were designed from completed BAC
sequences in the SSP consortium's continuing work of sequencing
Chromosome 1.
        The map positions, primer sequences, PCR conditions, and
scoring against Columbia and Landsberg ecotypes are available on
our web pages:

by following the "Genetic Map information" link, or you
can go directly to the URL:

As in the past, the ATGC plans to score these SSLPs for
additional ecotypes when time permits.

Eugen Buehler
Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center
University of Pennsylvania
buehler at

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