Sergio Burillo Sanz sergiob at
Thu Jan 29 18:16:26 EST 1998

I would like someone wrote me,to and tell me, to compare with my knowledge,
some ideas about the functions of the supraoperonic organization( the
arrangement of the opoerons in the chromosome, and relative arrangement
between some operons), tell me some examples that he/she knows by his/her
investigations, examples that ilustrates how the relative arrangement of
some operons is constant, in some species, this related with its function.
Of course, this is related with gene expression control mechanisms and so
will be, and helps me so, if the relation proposed is: expression control-
supraoperonic organization
All that about procariotic genetic, and specially, between Helycobacter
pylori and Methanobacterium thermoautotrophycum.
Thanks, and my e-mail is: lambda at

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