job opportunity, CA

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Fri Jul 31 11:54:30 EST 1998

Biosource is an employer paid fee service.
We currently have a client seeking to hire
some to do PCR type work to uncover a family
of proteins important to cell division.
This is a bench scientist position, but
also involves managing outside collaborations.
This company has not gone public , and has
top notch investors and scientists behind it.

We also have a client in Iceland
world that needs people to lead positional 
cloning projects. BACs, YACs, that sort of thing.
Human genome experience preferred.

Interested people please Email drgonfly at
or FAX 508 853 8772  to Marc Andelman

Unless specifically requested, please allow me
only to get back in touch if this or some other
position looks like a dead ringer for everyone's

Marc Andelman

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