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>I have a question for anyone with experience in the field of heredity.  I
>recently brought home a barn cat from my uncle's farm.  It looks to me like
>a purebred Siamese, or pretty close.  To my uncles knowledge there has never
>been so much as one Siamese cat in the barn.  The mother is a plain
>short-haired grey cat with black highlights who has never given birth to
>anything like this before.  The father is undetermined but is probably a
>black short hair wanderer. 
Well, he visited this year, how do you know he didn't visit last year
too, after leaving his genes in the gene pool.   Hence his prodegeny
would be heterozygous (and not show up the first time around)
 Is it possible that this wanderer has recessive
>Siamese genes in it's background from an ancestor, and if so how could it so
>completely alter the makeup of the kitten when half of it's genes come from
>it's mother? 
So, the mother got the genes from the wanderers visit the previous

 If you have any ideas you can email me at
>mcburney at or post to this newsgroup.  I can also provide a
>scanned photo if needed.
Why don't you post to a "cats" newsgroup.   One to do with breeding
cats.   I immagine that the features of "Siamese" are coded for by
more than one allele.
>-Thanks in advance
>Adam McBurney

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