Consultation of RT-PCR in leuKemia

DANIEL ORE[1000209 at UNMSM.EDU.PE] 1000209 at
Thu Mar 26 21:06:46 EST 1998

Sr :

                   A consultation because in the leukemia tests where
involved in
                   gene brc (crom 22) and the gene c-abl (crom9), there
is one formacion of a
                   chimera, for I diagnose of this is used a test of
RT-PCR, (transcriptasa
                   reversa), my question is because it is not used as it
sample the DNA of the
                   patient and because the RNA, if it is that in the
constitution of the DNA is the
				Thank you

		Daniel Ore Chavez
		Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
		Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas
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