Selling a Vistra Sequencing/PCR robot

Rifat Hamoudi rifat at
Fri May 8 06:00:00 EST 1998

	Is anyone interested in buying a Vistra Sequencing/PCR 
robot from us, please email me. We have done developments on the 
Vistra Robot and at the moment it does the followings reliably :

1) Template prep of plasmid DNA

2) PCR

3) Radioactive and flourescent sequencing 

If anyone is interested please email me.




Rifat Hamoudi,
Cancer Gene Cloning Laboratory Manager,
Haddow Laboratories,
Institute of Cancer Research,
15, Cotswold Road,
SM2 5NG.
Tel   : 0181-643 8901 ext. 4658
Fax   : 0181-770 7290
Email : rifat at


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