diploid or tetraploid?

Cayetana Schluter cschlute at sfu.ca
Mon May 11 15:01:00 EST 1998


I'm trying to find out wether American ginseng is diploid or tetraploid. I
have only found one source that says it is tetraploid, but it does not
mention how they determined this. There are other spcies of ginseng that
have 24 chromosomes and because my species has 48 (I know this because I
counted them) I think it has just been assumed. Does anybody know how I
could prouve that it is in fact a tetrapoid? My major problem is that I
don't know who the parent species are (they are more than likely extinct)
and I think that if it's a tetraploid, then it is an allotetraploid
because no quadrivalents have been observed and a study that measure
chromosome lenght showed that there were 5 size groupings and 2 of these
grouping only containes 2 chromosomes each (vs four) if anybody has any
ideas, please help


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