eukaryotic DNA examples, annotated?

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Sun Nov 21 14:51:43 EST 1999

I'm looking for well-annotated examples of eukaryotic DNA.
I don't mean that the codons are translated (I'm not a complete
idiot...), but I'd like detailed comments on stuff like
leader sequences, untranslated sequences at the end, the TATA
box and the like.  The Molecular Biology of the Cell
(Alberts... 3rd ed.) has an example on p. 372, for human
beta-globin, but leader sequences and the like aren't really
explained.  In particular, I'd like to know (in some detail) how the
cellular machinery knows exactly where to initiate transcription,
and what identifies leader and untranslated sequences.  Also I'm
interested in sequences which control expression level.

Any suggestions?  Books?  Other references?  I'm not an expert.


David Jaffe
Dept. of Math. and Stat.
Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln
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