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Wed Sep 15 01:09:25 EST 1999

	there are regions of variable %GC vs AT content in genomes of mammals,
called isochores.  There are a dozen or so predominant isochores in the
human genome, each of which are hundreds of millions of nucleotides in
length.  Each isochore stays consistent throughout it's length with a GC
vs. AT ratio within ten or twenty percent of fifty.  I'm pretty sure
that Dr. Dan Krane of my school is or has been involved in the research,
in case you are interested in the literature.

Deacon Sweeney
Wright State University

fred wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to find global information about CG % or CG frequency.
> Particulary, I'm looking for CG frequency values of mammals, insects,
> arthropod, birds genome....
> so can anyone help me please
> Thank you

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