Stop Protesting Genetically Engineered Food! You look stupid.

The Lone Protester elgersmad at
Sat Apr 22 00:08:37 EST 2000

Historically, winter wheat is genetically altered.  A Russian woman was
rubbing two pieces of cheese cloth together, and actually produced the first
strain.  It is hypocritical of a geration practically raised on the stuff to
claim it a hazord.  Nature, and evolution have produced the most toxic, and
hazordous plants, or they would never be catagorized as poisonous plants,
funguses, etc.  The real difference here is that science must obey the law,
and they literally will be held accountable if a problem should ever arrise.
No-one has insisted of God, not to make poisonous plants, create them, or
remove them from history, and gained any ground in convincing the creator
not to.  Tear, and serin gas are both derived from plants.  The research
into genetically engineered food stuffs directly indicates a different
series of rules, regulations, and laws, and is by no means chemical or
biological weapons research.  If all you can percieve as true is evolution,
then you never stoped the most poisonous of creature, and have coexisted
knowing, or able to learn the difference.  Although, scorpions, spiders,
snakes, poisonous fish, jelly fish, and huge families of bacteria, and viral
infections, and diseases exist, and persist, there was never a scientific
community, or legal issue of what would, or would not exist, only which
would survive.  If a genetic engineer produced any one of those critters on
the list, and any one of them didn't exist outside of bacterial, and viral,
they would never have multiplied to an extent that any one of them wouldn't
just co-exist with the rest of the life on this planet.  You should feel
safe that what they are doing is big enough to see, big enough to recognize.
The natural radiation from the sun, cosmic rays will still continue to alter
genetic materail.  Believe it or not, the course of natural selection is a
victim of natural splicing.  You wouldn't think that the gene of a blade of
grass could be altered as you walked over it but, that will always be the
case.  The statistical odds are that a gene would be spliced, and as a
result be graphed by the healing process.  Even the growers that grow only
by natrual means, wind up with freak plants.  A freak ear of corn, a freak
carrot, or possibly a freak eggplant.  In my past experiances, my parents
usually grew a family garden, and you can tell when they've went off of the
genetic track.  It's just that no-one clones these oddities, or goes to the
trouble of being sure that they go to seed, and those seeds get germinated.
You can use gene finger printing, and find these anomolies any time they
catch your eye.  There are greenhouses, and entire farms where a kid just
does find something out of place.  It never had to be the genetically
altered field that produced it because, even the naturally grown field is
subject to the environment.  Cosmic rays bombard the Earth all day, the sun
is at the peak of it's solar cycle.  If anything this is the perfect time
for science to prove a point.

    In the future, there will be more people, and less land to grow food on,
and if you don't allow science to do it's part, we may never be able to feed
them all.  That is what bio-enginered foodstuffs are all about.  People who
apply themselve to their, and your future.  People who want to insure it for
you, and the next generation.

The Lone Protestor.

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