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Mon Apr 24 19:41:09 EST 2000

       The 1st and ONLY Free PCS Digital Cell Phone with 
       NO Long Distance & No Roaming ANYTIME MIN. {50 State Coverage}
       Now Available on the Net!!  
       Good Credit, Bad credit, No problem.

       That's right, a FREE PCS Digital Cell Phone.

       Your cost is 0.00 , nada, nothing, free means free!!!!

       Unprecedented Nationwide , Limited Time Offer!!!

       Your Free Digital Phone includes the following:
             * Choice of either Nokia mod #5170 or Samsung mod # SCH-2000 or 
               Qualcomm thin phone
                [Either of these phones would cost you over $200.00 at any
                 retail Cellular store - we have no store overhead so you Save]
             * All NEW phones.
             * No Activation Fee.
             * No Up-Front Cost, first bill within 30 days from date received
                [ all you pay is  sales tax on the phone.]
             * FREE long distance and roaming.(Except in areas covered by
               analog cell systems)
             * FREE Caller ID.          
             * FREE Call Waiting.
             * FREE Voicemail.
             * FREE paging.[get rid of your pager bill]
             * FREE First Incoming Minute.
             * FREE home charger.
             * lightweight  6 oz.
             * Crystal Clear digital NATIONWIDE PCS service [USA Only]
                [Nations BEST Digital Carrier]
             * Choice of Voice Activation  on Samsung model only.
             * FREE Delivery  by UPS within 5 working days of approval.
             * 30 return policy [restrictions may apply].
             * FREE leather case for any friends referred [after you are approved]
                just put your name & last 4 digits of SS# on the top of the fax to
                 let us know  to who & where to ship it.
             * There is no better Deal on a cell phone!
                        [Don't lose this letter]

       Hi Folks:
       Want or need  a free cell phone?
       Sure everyone  does.
       Nice to have for emergencies.
       Easy to qualify just fill out the form below & fax it to us.
       If you got bad credit it's only $125.00 bucks which you get
       back after a year + 6% interest.
        [If you are not approved you will be notified as to your need for the
       TO ORDER and recieve your FREE CELL PHONE just print this 
       email & Fill out the simple application form
       then Fax to the number below. Your phone will be shipped
       ASAP & you should have it within 5-10 days of approval: 
       {sorry no email orders}    
       If due to the response to this offer the fax lines are busy Please try again.

       Terry Works, Free Cell Phone Agent

         -------------------FAX TO: 208-248-4788 ------------------
                                                                   Terry W.
        PLEASE PRINT or TYPE  CLEARLY & FAX  O N L Y  this application page

        EMAIL Address:____________________

        First:__________________ M.I. ____  Last:__________________________


        City:___________________ ST:________
        Country: USA  Zip:_________


        SS#________________________  Date Of Birth:______/_____/___________

        State ID #:__________________________  Exp Date:_____/_____/_______

        Home Ph#:(___)_______________[NO PAGER NUMBERS] 

        Work Ph#:(____)_____________Ext#:______[NO PAGER NUMBERS] 

        Best Time To Call:_________________________ Time Zone:_____________

        Check Phone you want: ___Nokia mod #5170  ___Samsung mod # SCH-2000
        ___ Qualcomm thin phone

        Calling Plans:[Check the one you want]
        _____$ 29.99 bucks a month for 120 ANYTIME MIN.
        _____$ 49.99 bucks a month for 500 ANYTIME MIN.
        _____$ 69.99 bucks a month for 700 ANYTIME MIN.
        _____$ 99.99 bucks a month for 1,000 ANYTIME MIN.
        _____$ 149.99 bucks a month for 1,500 ANYTIME MIN.

        Signature:__________________________________ Date:_____/_____/___________

        No up front money - your first bill within 30 days from receipt of phone.
        [2year Air Time contract]

        Authorization for credit check and contract approved by my signature.

        _______ Send info how I can make $$$$$ giving away cell phones.

        Check your application status by calling 818-623-7324

         -------------------------FAX TO: 208-248-4788 -----------------------------


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