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<< Subject: Klinefelter's
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Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2000 1:24 AM
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I discovered I was Klinefelter when I was married and was trying to get
my wife pregnant when the doctor said you are probably xxy Klinefelter's
and so my wife wanted the real thing and divorced me cause of that.  So,
now it's hard to get
any girl to marry me when they find out that I can't have children, what
I'm I supposed do now, I have a girl now but she wants children (the
real deal) not sperm bank, but my own.  I love this girl . What am I to
do?  Burt
First of all I'd change doctors!  Any physician who says you are 'probably'
Kleinfelters without subsequent cytological testing is practicing speculation
and medicine.  i.e. you don't know the validity of the diagnosis.  The failure
to conceive may not be your fault(Have you had a sperm test and what is the
count?  Your former wife could have been  infertile.  Kleinfelter men have had
children.  Try these sites;
Human Chromosome Disorders at

List of specific disorders at

Kleinfelter info. at

Kleinfelters club at 

Kleinfelter Syndrome and Associates at

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