need information

LISE PIAU piaulise at
Thu Jan 6 16:34:20 EST 2000

I would have info about the Klinefelter syndrom...A genetist send me doc.
and show me how we can use spermatozoa  or spermatids intratesticular in
ISCI processus...My husbans has the klinefelter syndrom ans we never dream
about anything other than a baby neither he's not the genetic father...but
if it's possible...I would have infos not only about infertility but also on
health on general/klinefelter syndrom...We perhaps can have the choice to
give life  to a klinefelter child...we wouuld like to have different
oppinions to make the right choice...HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND
Lise and Emmanuel
piaulise at

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