klinefelter syndrom

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A few websites:




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LISE PIAU <piaulise at club-internet.fr> wrote in message
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> I would have info about the Klinefelter syndrom...A genetist send me doc.
> and show me how we can use spermatozoa  or spermatids intratesticular in
> ISCI processus...My husbans has the klinefelter syndrom ans we never dream
> about anything other than a baby neither he's not the genetic father...but
> if it's possible...I would have infos not only about infertility but also
> health on general/klinefelter syndrom...We perhaps can have the choice to
> give life  to a klinefelter child...we wouuld like to have different
> oppinions to make the right choice...HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND
> Lise and Emmanuel
> piaulise at club-internet.fr

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