LISE PIAU piaulise at
Thu Jan 13 07:55:50 EST 2000

I go without doubt to have the appropriateness to have a grace child has a
testicular(ouille,ouille,ouille!!!) combined has an ISCI
... an appropriateness up to the unexpected to the extent or my husband has
syndrome of klinefelter -if detail needs do not hesitate has asked - ...the
probability to find the spermatozoas /spermatids porters of the same
anomaly is ,according to my infos, in the order 50%.. there exists the DPI
but it is realized only in three centers in france far of my less the distance that me worried but it is possible that
the biopsy does not reveal anything ....
Brief,we need your medical notice ,personnels and others.
advance thank you


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