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<< Subject: Anti-Eugenics
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Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2000 4:54 AM
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Thanks to Hitler's brutal forced Eugenics program we now have Anti-Eugenics
today. Very few people see the advantages of Eugenics. Never have we had
such devastating Anti-Eugenics program as we have right now. I believe that
the human race is splitting into two races Homo Productive and Homo
Dependant. We have always been Homo Productive but the current
Anti-Eugenics program has spawned a new race, Homo Dependant. HD's are
reproducing at a higher rate than HP's which will cause future generations
to suffer. The anti-eugenics discourages reproduction of HP's because they
have to spend time to get educated and work and pay the taxes the HD's live
on. HD's do not have the intelligence to be productive, plan families or use
birth control properly. Future Generations of HP's will have to pay higher
taxes every generation to support the increasing number of HD's.

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