dumb non-bio guy question

Rcjohnsen rcjohnsen at aol.com
Sat Sep 2 16:36:13 EST 2000

<< Does anyone know exactly how any portion of this DNA code actually causes
something biological (step by step) to happen?  Or is all that still in the

The question you ask is simple(direct) and very complexx.  Yet it must be taken
on a case by case basis and some if it is now known and molecular biologists
are working on answers for the future.
For example hemoglobin (HbA) is a well studied molecule and the base sequence
of the normal gene is known, the sequence of abnormal genes is known(NEW ONES
ARE BEING DESCRIBED), we understand how the molecule is processed into the
mature form, what it does, how it does it. but not oll molecular mechanisms
that control its expression may be known or the mechanisms for decontrolling
its expression.  Then there are the other hemoglobins and their controls which
are different from HbA.  I think it's all mathematical anyway.

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