FREE credit cards and commission

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Sat Feb 17 06:20:01 EST 2001

From: Nedim Novalich
Email: for_youinfo at

FREE premium credit cards are given with no annual fee, FREE flight miles on
any airline and merchandise points, and a 25-day interest free grace period.
PLUS, they are giving away some serious money in refferal commissions
through 10 levels to those cardholders who refer other card-holders. For
every 1st level referrer you get 10 U$ dollars and all others through levels
will get you 2 U$ dollars PLUS commissions through all 10 levels, source of
commission are the banks, commission are made by transactions during
shopping with this card it's a OUTSTANDING lifetime opportunity. The goal is
to amass the largest number of cardholders in the world and investments are
made in the long-term benefits of the consumer power that will result. This
is spreading like wildfire and people are earning lots of money at the speed
of forwarding emails. Notice that you do not have to teach anyone how to use
credit card . So remember IT'S FREE and you can get paid for it.  You can do
it Wright now . So check it out for some more info about how to get in touch
with this WONDERFUL opportunity and apply for your FREE card now.
Contact me on for_youinfo at  where you will get the necessary info.

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