Music Inspired by Science/Math--New MP3 Station

Brent Hugh bhugh at
Thu Feb 22 18:31:39 EST 2001


I've recently started a new MP3 station devoted to music made from 
mathematical and scientific/biological ideas.

Sample tracks already on the station:

    * "Music of the Human Genome" (notes & rhythms derived from the genome 

    * "Fractal Variations" (a musical "fractal")

    * Piano Etudes by Gyorgy Ligeti (Ligeti was inspired by an
      array of mathematical formulas and sequences)

I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by and take a listen!  (Music is free for 
the download in MP3 format.)

If you know any tracks that would go on this station or if you know of any 
online resources that link music and science/mathematics I would love to 
hear about them!  (Visit the station for submission guidelines.)


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